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Industrial Training & Internship Programs For 6 Weeks And 6 Months in Mohali/Chandigarh

PCB implies a printed circuit board. PCB is, as the name suggests, suitable for carrying and connecting electrical/electronic components made of one or more layers of the copper sheet with non-conductive materials. PCB is an indispensable electronic tool used in households and industries. PCB designs are used to design electronic circuits. Future Finder’s Chandigarh PCB Design Course offers innovative design solutions for all industries. We teach the trainees essential skills such as designing circuit boards, testing and routing the circuits to make them well-founded specialists in the design field. BONNTECH‘ PCB Design Certification Course in Chandigarh offers certified interconnection designers – basic and advanced certification courses for the trainees. With the extensive know-how and practical knowledge of these courses, you can be sure of being used in the organization of reputation in the public and private sectors.

Our organization’s Chandigarh PCB design training will definitely allow the trainee to design their own projects up to the industrial level. We offer the candidate comprehensive insights into complete PCB designs and manufacturing processes, through which the trainees become experts and specialists in this field. Chandigarh PCB Design Training Company – The best place to get in-depth knowledge is our organization which has great job opportunities across India after completing the PCB design training course. So sign up now and give your career wings.
Best 6 months/week PCB Designing Industrial Training in Chandigarh
To become a specialist and expert in PCB design, one must have a good understanding of electrical/electronic components and tools. In order to grow and improve your skills and become professional in this field, it is imperative that you acquire the best skills from the trendsetters in the industry. Best 6-month education in PCB design industry in Chandigarh d. With the help of an apprenticeship from our association, you will be safely placed in a well-known company in the final phase of your career. The best six-month / weekly PCB design industry training in Punjab from our organization teaches the extraordinary skills that make him/her a perfectionist in this sector.
Why Future Finder is best for PCB design training in Punjab
Learn PCB design from the ground up from the leaders in the industry. In this way, the trainee receives practical experience and learns the necessary skills. The best PCB design training in Chandigarh, powered by BONNTECH, will help you master the craft of elegant and effective PCB design and fuel your career growth.

PCB Designing Industrial Training – Course Content

PCB 2-Weeks

Introduction to PCB Designing

Other Software for PCB

Express Schematic

PCB Course Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 150 - 180 days 28 Weekends 90- 120 days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom